About Us
The project is initiated by the Centre for Research and Development in Visual Arts, which was established by the Academy of Visual Arts, HKBU in 2013 to enhance the visual arts development in Hong Kong and neighbouring regions. The main goals of the centre are to promote new knowledge and research in the field of visual arts, and raise the public’s interest in arts appreciation and participation.
Map of UAOs is:
01 a community led digital repository to capture the lesser‐known or forgotten outdoor sculptures, installations and artistic interventions in the public realm;
02 a creative response that challenges the traditional perception of public art and allow for a plurality of narratives.
Key features
01 Creating a collection of community generated content about public art that can grow over time;
02 Users can nominate and annotate notable, memorable, or overlooked works of public art around the city;
03 A digital resource for people who are interested in public art, place memory, urban spaces in Hong Kong.
Leung Mee-ping
Alex Tam
Thickest Choi
(Surname in Alphabetical Order)
  • Ching Chin Wai, Luke
  • Fan Lok Yi, Helen
  • Gutmingwater
  • Ho Sheung Hang, Alfred
  • Ho Siu Nam, South
  • Ip Hiu-man, Human
  • Lam Siu Wing, Swing
  • Lee Chun Leung, Indy
  • Leung Ching Wan, Gigi
  • Lin Kok Cheung, Dalu
  • Wo Man Yee, Wendy

Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.